"They have style, passion, energy and commitment in their playing. They radiate such an infectious joy when they perform that one comes away refreshed and renewed."

- Marty Merkley, Chautauqua Institution

"They are a remarkable piano-duo team of sisters...Their performance was enchanting and technically assured."

- Nicholas McGegan, Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra

"Amy and Sara have a insatiable curiosity about music which leads them to explore every direction music can take them...they stand out."

- Alexander Braginsky, International Piano-e-Competition

"This performance really convinced the listener that they have command of the keyboard. Very impressive technically and interpretively."

- Allison Nelson, President of the Ellis Jury

"Immensely talented people...excellent performance."

- Henry Janiec, Spartanburg Symphony

"Sensitive musically, lovely character and sound. They played as one."

- Elizabeth Pridonoff, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

"Amy and Sara Hamann have the eloquence and ability to maintain their audience under their powers."

- L’Impartial, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

"The Hamanns are smart, stylish players, and they have a bold streak...[they] attack their instruments with a fierce energy...The sisters also can play with real delicacy, along with perfect unanimity...The Hamanns will go far."

- Michael Anthony, Star Tribune

"It was a stunning performance; they sounded like one."

- Spartanburg Herald

"Many times a single very fast phrase would race from one keyboard to the other so seamlessly that it was hard to tell which instrument was playing."

- Rochester Post-Bulletin

"The elegantly dressed, sibling soloists - Amy and Sara Hamann - performed the work like a hearty conversation, passing the audience’s focus from one to the other and back to the orchestra, with commanding ease."

- The Chautauquan Daily


Amy and Sara Hamann
Photos By Flint Images

Amy and Sara Hamann
5912 Russell Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55410

Phone: (612) 926-8480

Email: amyehamann@gmail.com
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Email: shamann@unique-software.com

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